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How Group Discussion Is Important in Final Year Project Report

Group Discussion

Group discussion is commonly observed in academics. And when it comes to the final year project report, it plays a role in exchanging ideas. Each group member shares his/her ideas with proper arguments. Group discussion is very important for the development of listening, as well as thinking skills. The purpose of final year project like dissertation writing or thesis writing is to let students explore the field of research. After this, every student steps into the professional life.

In this context, institutes set a goal to prepare all students for the professional life. That is why final year project is always in the form of groups. Group discussion helps in boosting confidence for speaking, and leading a team. The goal of whole group is same regarding the final year project. So for good results, every member effectively takes part. Group discussion helps in decision making, and problem-solving. Here every member has to provide proper argumentation for their aspects of do’s and don’ts. That is why every member remains conscious about his/her work and sayings. There are some reasons because of which group discussion is important for the final year project report. These reasons are as follows;

They Enhance Team Work Skills

Group discussion is the best opportunity for learning about teamwork. In teamwork, you have to tolerate the mistakes of others. It also helps you in relieving the major stress of the final year project report. Here productivity and creativity is the demand of a final year project report. And that is only achievable through proper teamwork.

Provide Different Ideas and Alternate Solutions

In final year project report, you cannot complete any task by simply cramming books and notes. Because in this context, innovation and ideas play a major role. Every single student cannot come up with a bundle of ideas. And there is no guarantee for the precision of each idea either. But when it comes to group discussion, you can get help from your peers. You can also share your ideas with other members.

In the same way, other members also come up with some unique ideas. Sometimes your idea can work well. But sometimes, it becomes a flop. Then how can you get to know if your idea is the best or a flop? It is Group discussion that helps you in this issue. It’s also possible that every member has a good idea. In such cases, you can take each idea as an alternate one. With group discussion, you get to know which idea is the best one. Same is the case with solutions. Group discussion helps you in identifying which solution is the best, and which can be used as an alternate one. In both cases of idea and solution, the measuring factor relates to the availability of resources. Based on available resources, the whole group came to an end.

Increase the Level of Understanding

Group discussions always open the door to effective learning. At the same time, in learning, it’s a natural fact to skip some points. The missing points can be some of the most important ones. It helps each member in learning about the missing aspects. When students discuss with each other, it becomes easy to understand the difficult aspects. In the final year project, you cannot compromise on any aspect. In other academic assignments, you can compromise on different things. But in the final year project, you cannot. Here each aspect is linked with the other one. If even a single point is not clear to you, it can cause serious problems. Even at the end of the final year project, you will remain confused. In short, group discussion helps you understand every aspect in a good way.

Minimise Mistakes

It’s natural to have weak points in academics. Similarly, you may have some strong points as well. So when group discussion occurs, all the members cover each other’s weaknesses and can have best university experience. For example, you’re good in literature, but you lack in analysis. Same goes for your group member who’s good in analysis, and lacks in literature. So it helps in minimising the overall mistakes. Every person can work on his/her weak points with the help of it. Through this aspect, it is known that group discussion works as an opportunity for each member.

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