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Understanding Standards of Assignment Writing in the UK

Understanding Standards of Assignment Writing in the UK

Assignment writing is a necessary part of every student’s life, even if you are a school or a university student. At the school level, you may have to write an assignment once in a week. The same flow you will have to maintain at the college level. But at university, you may have to write an assignment on a daily basis. Some schools and colleges have ungraded assignments, so the quality does not matter that much. But in the case of a university, your teacher would not accept your assignment if it does not meet the required standards. If you already have an idea about standards of assignment writing in the UK, this is well and good. However, if you do not know about the standard of assignment writing in UK, do not worry at all. This article can help you understand these standards.

Essentials of UK Standard Writing

Assignment writing helps you revise your syllabus and concepts. It also trains you to deal with responsibilities. Whenever the teacher assigns you any task, you are supposed to complete that within the given duration of time. Also, you have to complete the assigned task with professionalism. This professionalism is all about standards of assignment writing. Let’s discuss the standard formatting and structure of an assignment.

Professionalism in Assignment

Page And Text Alignment

While working on standards of assignment writing, you have to see the alignment of the page as well as the text. In the case of page alignment, you have to see the page size and margin. The standard page size is A4. A4 paper size is also named as US Letter size. In the same way, the standard page margin is one inch from all sides. It includes the left, right, top, and bottom of the page. If you have to bind the printed document, you can go for a one-and-a-half inch margin from the binding side. That is how things can vary from situation to situation.

On the other hand, if we talk about text alignment, the standard asks for left alignment.

Font Variations

Font variation includes its color, size and style. In the case of colour, it is preferable to go for one color that is black. But you can use other schemes too. You can bold the letter that is very important to you.

Furthermore, you can go for italic text. In both cases, you can emphasise on selected words. But if you feel it necessary to use other colours, you can do that. Or if your teacher has allowed you, it is again fine.

If we talk about font size, the standard size is 12. But the 10 size is also taken as the standard one. So, you can use font size keeping in view your assignment guidelines

Use Of Image/Graph/Table

According to the standards of assignment writing, you have to do formatting of images, graphs and tables. All of these three things must be centre aligned. Also, you need to add a caption below the figures and graphs. In the case of a table, you have to add a caption at the top of the table. Furthermore, try to add images, graphs and tables in mid of the paragraphs. This approach helps you increase the readability of your assignment.

Headings And Sub-Headings

The use of headings and subheading make your assignment eye-catching. The standards of assignment writing teach you the right use of headings and subheadings. If you have to work on a short assignment, it is preferable not to add a subheading. If it is necessary, then you can make the required heads otherwise, you can skip them.

In the same way, if your assignment document is long, then it becomes necessary to add heading and subheading as per the need of the hour. The number of headings and subheadings depends on the topic of discussion and its complexity.

Indent And Spaces

You need to make sure that whole document is double spaced. It includes everything from title to references. Also, indent every paragraph properly. If your assignment brief says otherwise then follow it because every university has its own set of requirements.

Structure of Assignment

Title Page

Usually, students make the title page as per their own choice, which is fine. But when you are asked to follow the standards of assignment writing, then you have to ensure the design as per standards. You have to add the following credential to the title page:

  • Topic of assignment
  • Name of subject
  • Your name
  • Name of advisor
  • Assignment number
  • Date of assignment submission
  • Declaration
  • Your signature

Page Of Contents

Right after the title page, you have to add a page of content. This page gives a glimpse of your whole assignment. It is better to complete your assignment first and generate a page of content in the last.


Most of the students just define the topic of discussion in the introductory part. Defining your topic is right, but it is not the only thing you have to discuss in it. As per the standards of assignment writing, you have to add background information at the start of the introduction. After that, define your topic with the help of an example. In the same way, briefly explain the main objective of your assignment. That is how you have to write an introduction for an assignment.

Explaining Body

While explaining the main body, you are supposed to add headings and subheadings. The best approach is to add different arguments related to your topic. Afterwards, you have to maintain a logical structure of all arguments. Whenever you add an argument, make sure to support it with evidence. After that, focus on your selected issue and critically analyse it.


The standards of assignment writing demand that your conclusion must summarise your main findings. Make sure there is not any irrelevant thing or new information.


Adding a proper reference list is one of the most important standards of assignment writing. Without reference list your assignment is incomplete. So always make sure that you have added sufficient evidence in your assignment and have properly cited it. Every citation must have a corresponding reference entry in your reference list.

By following all of the above discussed steps you can ensure standards of assignment writing. All of these steps will help you to secure good grades in your academic career.

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