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How to Improve English Speaking Fluency?

English Speaking Fluency

Language students face a lot of problems. They just have one goal in mind and it is to improve their speaking fluency. Students from all over the world work hard to learn the English language; while this language is not very tough, it is not very easy too and requires some hard work and attention to detail. Learning a foreign language requires you to focus not only on speaking but listening too and you must be able to communicate well. From ordering a pizza to calling a taxi and making a doctor’s appointment, you will need to learn a lot of new words and phrases to do well and speak fluently.

According to experts of dissertation writing services, there are a lot of ways with help of which you can improve your English language fluency. You will have to keep these ways in mind and focus on which ones work best and help you make rapid progress. Learning how to speak a new language fluently is not easy and it is a goal that you speak a language that is not native to you. Each learner is different and will find different ways to improve skills; it is the result that matters most. This article discusses some top tips for improving English speaking fluency and how they can help you speak without hesitation or feel shy.

Speak, Speak More And Just Speak:

There is only one and the most effective way to improving English speaking fluency and that is to speak, speak more and just speak as much as you can as there is no magic pill for it. The more you speak the more you will know how to speak and do it right. Speak with your family, friends, coworkers, and other people and you will see how they speak English, how they are doing it right and you will learn a tip or two for doing it right.  You will make mistakes, for sure but do not let them deter you from the mission of improving your language fluency.

Focus On Your Conversations:

After you are done talking to someone; focus on how it went and what mistakes you made. Also recall how the other person spoke, their choice of words and phrases, and their ability to deliver the sentences. This will help to improve your speaking ability and you will not only learn to use the most suitable words and phrases but you will also make an effort to do better next time. Language is a tricky business and there is no rule for doing it right or learning it; you can only do it by paying attention to the words, their connectivity, and how they are used in sentences, conveying the right meaning to the listener.

Listen More:

Listening is the best way to learn and improve your English speaking fluency. Listen to news, podcasts, and songs and watch dramas and movies and you will get a better grasp of the language. You will learn so many new words and you can look up their meaning and their right usage and it will help in the long run when you are speaking and want to impress others with your command over the language.

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Reading is also a very effective way that can improve your English language skills. There are books, newspapers, magazines as well as blogs that provide you a chance to read as much as you want on the subject and topic of your choice. You can read about anything; the main purpose is to know more about the language, learn the correct use of words and incorporate them in your speech. When reading, you will come up with interesting expressions, even slang terms and synonyms and it will provide ‘meat’ for your next conversation.

Carry Cheat Sheets With You:

Most of the new speakers feel shy or lack the confidence to speak out because they do not have an idea of what to say. To deal with this situation, it is best to prepare a cheat sheet that carries all the important words, phrases, and other expressions that you will need to communicate with others. This technique has proven to be very helpful for people who are learning the language and do not know what to say when stuck in a situation. Having a cheat sheet gives them a helping hand and they can use the common phrases to get around and avoid feeling anxious or shy.

Talk On The Phone:

Many people feel shy when communicating face to face because they feel that others will laugh at the mistakes they make. To avoid this problem, talking on the phone is the best way to practice your language skills without feeling embarrassed or shy. To feel more confident talking on the phone, start with small conversations with friends and family and then move on to more challenging calls like making inquiries or appointments. You will feel that you are getting better at this and learn to use the most appropriate words to use at the right time.

Record Your Voice and Go Over It:

Recording your voice and going over it is also a good way to improve your English speaking fluency. Hearing yourself speak of the tape will give you an idea of how well you are doing, how you sound, and which areas need improvement. Remember, you are the best judge of what you are doing, and hearing your voice recording will give you a chance to rate your performance. You can also take this tape to your teacher or friend and ask them to help you make improvements.

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Focus On Phrases Rather Than Words:

Instead of learning words from the English language, focus on learning phrases and it will help you know things better. A single word will help you learn a new language but phrases might give you a better chance to know more. Instead of focusing on words that do not impart any meaning, pay attention to phrases as they carry a lot more meaning and will help you put things together. Make sure to learn where certain phrases are used and what they mean and it will improve your language in a much better way. Make learning fun, enjoy every step you take and you will see how it improves your English language fluency.

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