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Historical Facts About UK You May Don’t Know Yet

Historical Facts

UK (United Kingdom) is located at the northwestern coast of the European mainland. It is surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean. The UK is famous for many things in the world. It is famous for the castles and historical houses in the world. It is famous for the world’s best educational institutions. It is also famous for the world’s best pop stars. It is also famous for its hills and fertile lowlands in the world. There are also some historical facts about the UK that you don’t know yet. These historical facts are explained below;

Royal Eccentrics:

The royal eccentrics are considered as the most surprising historical fact about the UK. Berengaria of Navarre was the wife of King Richard of England. The most shocking fact about her is that she had never stepped on the England soil. The royal family of the UK is living in Windsor Castle. The most shocking fact is that Windsor Castle is the oldest residence in the world. The Queen of England was the most powerful lady in the world. Instead of her power and majesty, she is not allowed to enter into the House of Commons. Its reason is that she is not a member of it.

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Tea Drinking:

Tea is the most famous drink in all the corners of the world. If we talk about the UK, we know that they are tea addicts. The Englishmen drink more tea than other nations in the world. It is estimated that Englishmen drink twenty times more tea than Americans.

Big Ben:

Most of the people think that Big Ben is the world’s most famous clock. You will be shocked to know that it is not a clock. Its reason is that Big Ben is the name of a thirteen-ton bell. The name of this tower is St. Stephen’s Tower.

High Cultural Diversity:

As we know that London is the most famous city in the world. This city is famous in the world due to lots of reasons. High cultural diversity is also one of these reasons. That’s why London is also considered as one of the high cultural diversity cities in the world. Its main reason is that more than 25% of the residents in London don’t bear in England. It means that they come here from different countries.

London Bridge:

Most of us have learnt nursery rhyme that London bridge is falling. Most of the people don’t know the origin of this rhyme. This rhyme was originated almost 1000 years ago. River Thames is also one of the most famous rivers in the world. Its reason is that this river is falling through London. Now, the most shocking thing is that it has more than 200 bridges. It has also 20 tunnels. These bridges and tunnels are also increasing the beauty of London.

The Tube:

According to a UK dissertation help firm, the most popular tube route in London is from Leicester Square to Covent Garden. Most of the tourists don’t know the fact about this tube route. You can cover this distance more quickly on your foot than in the tube. Anyhow, this tube system is the first underground tube system in the world. It is also the costliest tube system in the world. There are almost 409 escalators in the London subway. The most shocking fact is that these escalators cover several kilometers distance every week. If you cover this distance around the world, you can make several trips around the globe.

Theatre Royal Bristol:

It is known as one of the most famous theatres in the UK. You will be shocked to know that this theatre has been working continuously since 1766. Therefore, we can also say that it is one of the oldest theatres in the world.

Different Names Of London:

Most of us don’t know the different names of London. That’s why you will be shocked to know that London had different names in the past. During the Roman Invasion, the name of this famous city was Londonium. During the Saxon Times, the name of this city was Ludenwic. During the reign of Alfred, the Great, the name of this famous city was Ludenburg.

London Eye:

It is known as the tallest observation wheel in the world. To complete its one circle, it takes almost 30 minutes.

British Museum:

It is the most famous museum in the world. There are lots of treasures in this museum. These treasures are showing the civilizations of almost two million years. Millions of people visit this museum.

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